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There were a few bumps in the road, though they appear to have been for the better. Initially, the city sounded the alarm for proposals to redevelop the site but received only one project back: a $123 million submission from Ithaca Peak developers , who had brought their project to the city late last year and had directly led to the advancement of redevelopment discussions. At the time, it seemed strange that such an attractive, and lucrative, building opportunity would have yielded only one interested party, but regardless all indications seemed to be that the city would move forward and consider Ithaca Peak’s proposal. That all changed in late April, when the Ithaca Urban Renewal Agency, which has been handling the submission process on behalf of the city, voted to reopen the request for proposals (RFP) process in the hopes that more developers would come forward with the benefit of an extra 90 days to formulate ideas. There was at least some thought given by the city to avoiding any allegations of nepotism or a skewed process that could have arisen due to the first RFP’s relatively short timeline. Favoritism will be tough to argue now, as it appears the city’s ploy worked: the second RFP, which brought a due date of July 31, rounded up four proposals on the table, coming from local development stalwarts like Collegetown-famous Visum Development, Harold’s Holdings (known primarily from the ongoing Harold’s Square project on the Commons) as well as the previously mentioned Ithaca Peak proposal, to go along with area newcomer Vecino Group out of Missouri. To briefly recap the city’s goals for any Green Street Garage redevelopment, they didn’t change very significantly from when it was first published earlier this year. The Green Street Garage is in probably the worst shape of all the city’s garages, with renovations sorely needed in the next decade-plus for the 385-space structure and making up an integral ingredient of the city’s criteria for an acceptable proposal. Along with that, the RFP included criteria for housing units aimed at a “diverse demographic,” with a “substantial amount” of units set aside for affordable or workforce income housing, street-level active uses on Green Street, the retention of Cinemapolis and Home Dairy Alley and a conference center ( the need/demand for which had been studied in 2017 ). To follow up on the parking aspect, the city asked for 450 publicly available parking spots including 90 for short-term parking.

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Back to this shoot, where Garth Milan was sent to Chad Reed’s private track to capture what became our March 2008 cover. These photos capture a very different time for the Australian legend, and are extra special in the fact that he went on to win the 2008 450 Supercross Championship. We asked Garth for his take on the day, so read on to hear from the man behind these images… “It's really funny, but after all these years, the thing I remember most about this shoot with Chad Reed is the massive alligator I encountered while pulling up to Chad's legendary Florida estate. It was big, green, ugly, and just hanging out in front of the pond as I pulled up. Not something you see every day, especially when you just flew in from California! On to the shoot, though -I recall Chad having limited time, but with us both knowing that this was going to be a big cover feature we made the most of our time.

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